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[ApacheGallery] suggestion for directory and picture comments


I've been pretty happy with ApacheGallery, but the way directory and
picture comments are handled bugs me a bit.

With picture foo.jpg, I edit foo.jpg.comment and the comment is
displayed just below the picture and above the picture's EXIF information
(if any).  Unfortunately, even if the comments span multiple lines in
the file, they are displayed in one continuous stream on the webpage and
aren't formatted in a nice manner.  I think it would be ideal if
$DIRCOMMENTS were bounded by some box much like the exif data is, but
limit it to something reasonable like, say, 80-100 characters wide, and
wrap the text.  As an example of what I'm talking about, check out:

With directories, the same thing applies, but its a bit worse.  The
comment will span the width of the entire page and gets somewhat
unreadable and not very eye-pleasing.  Again, I think a nice bounded box
that doesn't center-orient the text would be great here.  As an example,