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[ApacheGallery] [ANNOUNCE] Apache::Gallery 0.7RC1


I think it is time for a new release of Apache::Gallery
so here is the first release candidate for 0.7:


        - Support mod_perl version 1 and 2 (1.99) (Michael Legart)
        - Send status code 500 on errors, 404 on file not found and
          make IE show our own errorpage. (Thomas L. Kjeldsen)
        - Bugfix for directories named "0" (Andreas Plesner Jacobsen)
        - Added "selection mode". Select images with checkboxes and
          get a list of filenames. (Peter Andreasen)
        - Fix to let the module work with perl 5.005 (Aaron)
        - Do not allow scaling pictures to sizes above their
          original size (Aaron)
        - Added GalleryUseFileDate option to make A::G show
          the files timestamps instead of using the EXIF value (Dennis Haney)
        - Remember display size when turning Slideshow off (Hans Joergensen)
        - Nice new layout (Thomas Kjaer)
        - New option GalleryEXIFMode to control the way EXIF
          info is displayed. See docs for details (Michael Legart)
        - Support for the FNumber EXIF value (Thomas Corell)
        - Added GalleryRootText option to allow changing the name of
          the root element in the menu (Christopher Knight)

Ports, packages etc will follow if Erwin, Andreas etc can find
the time. 

Thanks for all the contributions!

Let me know if you run into problems, thanks!

-- - we put the hest in .com