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[ApacheGallery] AG with fast thumbnail generation, iPhoto support, cookies.

Hey all -- 

I've been running A::G on Mac OS X, and did some modifications to it
so it can interface with the database maintained by Apple's photo
program, iPhoto. This version automatically obtains comments from the
iPhoto database, and uses iPhoto's photo albums as directories. It
caches these comments for faster access. All one has to do is create
an appropriatly named directory under the directory served by

I modified the templates to support a frames based viewer, thumbnails
on the left, large picture on the right.

I also added a cookie to store the user's last image width preference,
which is important when using a frames view.

I found that getting EXIF info for every thumbnail really slowed
things down, and since it wasn't used with my templates, I turned off
getting EXIF info for thumbnails. IMHO, this should be an option for
future versions, for those that don't use the autorotate, sorting
based on EXIF info, or other EXIF info in the directory view page.

Lastly, I found the whole thumbnail generation process quite slow (I
have old machines). I modified a public domain program (jhead) to get
the thumbnail from the exif header info, if available, and if not,
then process as before. I could have used the thumbnails created by
iPhoto, but those were a bit bigger than I wanted. 

If any of you developers are interested in integrating any or all of
these features into the code, let me know.

For a demo gallery, see: