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Re: [ApacheGallery] problem with inline? (Follow up)

My Apache::Gallery seems to run now. The sollution was playing around with a few packages and finally installing Apache::Gallery from the source on the top of the debian package.
What version I run of Inline I don't actually know, but if anybody provide a way to check - I will gladly do, but I believe it is the newest you can fetch via apt on stable (0.43?)
Best regards Søren Jensen
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Fra: Jimmy Nordlander [mailto:[email protected]]
Sendt: 19. april 2003 14:45
Til: [email protected]
Emne: [ApacheGallery] problem with inline?

I'm running debian, and had a succesfully functioning apachegallery until a few weeks ago.
I think it depends on me updating the sysem, and I actually got the errormessage that might come with Inline v 0.44.
But now that one is gone, and I always get this:
[error] Undefined subroutine &Apache::Gallery::resizepicture called at /usr/share/perl5/Apache/ line 611.
I know this has something to do with inline, because the resizepicture is an inline C function...
But, I've tried installing the 0.42 tar.gz, but didn't work out either... and I can't seem to find a 0.42 debian package, only 0.43. Then my question is... how come it did work before? I have only used debian packages before...
regards, Jimmy