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[ApacheGallery] 3 bugs and a feature request

Bug 1)

Some JPG files are problematic; if they even exist in one of the
Apache::Gallery directories, the server will give a 500 error for that
directory.  Nothing is reported in the error logs either.

As soon as those 'problematic' JPGs are gone, everything works fine again.

I originally thought it had to do with file size, but apparently I was
wrong, shrinking the files has no effect.

I have attached 2 files which I find problematic.

Bug 2)

Apparently, when pictures are displayed that have a height longer than the
width (portrait?), the Size list is screwed up and displays the following:

Size [ $SIZES ]

rather than "640 800".

I think the width must be >= the smallest parameter in GallerySizes

Bug 3)

uri_escape in doesn't work with Perl 5.6.1 (RH 7.2), I fixed it by
including the code given by another user on this mailing list.

A more permanent solution should be created for future versions

Feature Request)

I would lke the ability to show a gallery recursively spanning multiple
directories in a single page.

Each directory is given a title.

For example, if I had 3 directories, "XYZ1/", "Trip/" and "Party/"

My gallery page would like something like the following (all on a single

Pictures from XYZ1  (or a custom title)
 - all the thumbnails from the XYZ1/ directory

Pictures from Trip  (or a custom title)
 - all the thumbnails from the Trip/ directory

Pictures from Party (or a custom title)
 - all the thumbnails from the Party/ directory

Anyway, I hope someone can help me out with the above.  The only one I
consider urgent is Bug #1; the rest can be worked around for the time


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