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Re: [ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery & GIF]

At 06:42 PM 1/23/2003 +0100, you wrote:
On 23-Jan-2003, Pavel P. Zabortsev wrote:

> How I can see Apache::Gallery don't support GIF format.
> Why?
> Is there any plans to add supporting of GFI format?

AFAIK all graphic routines are handled by imlib2[1]. Since it doesn't do
GIF, it's not likely that A::G will

Actually, a while ago I was too lazy to work the dependencies for RedHat
7.3 to install imlib2, so I rewrote A::G to use ImageMagick for all of it's
graphic routine(s). It's really a trivial mod, and it allows you to read
all of the ImageMagick formats, but I don't know enough Perl to make it
stable, optional (i.e. as a switch at compile time) and submit it to CVX.
If someone would like to help me do this (and help me keep it up-to-date
with the imlib2 version) I'll gladly send you the patch.
I don't know whether using ImageMagick creates any problems (it hasn't for
me, but I didn't test it widely) but, as I said, it works for me.
--Ernest W. Lessenger
OACYS Technology
OACYS.COM Incorporated