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Re: copyright picture?

When you say not being blended, you mean its a flat overlay? or that the
image isn't showing up?  If its just a flat overlay, chances are the
background of your image isn't transparent.  If its just not putting the
image in, its probably either a path or permissions problem.  Do you have
a link to your site where we can see what you mean?

As for the errors in the log, T. Eibner is correct, this is usually do to
the jpeg devel package not being installed.  The image is NULL because
imlib2 doesnt know how to handle the image type.

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Dave Preston wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 07:51:53PM -0400, Charles Chao wrote:
> >
> > I can't seem to get gifpicture to be blended into my images in the lower
> > right corner.
> >
> > Does the .gif/.png file have to be in words? And no pictures?
> Charles, I have the exact same problem. It looks like imlib2 is not
> being passed the variables. I get a bunch of errors like this in my
> apache logs.
> ***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** :
>         This program is calling the Imlib call:
>         imlib_image_get_width();
>         With the parameter:
>         image
> 		being NULL. Please fix your
> 		program.
> I'm assuming that this feature is not fully implemented yet. Feel free
> to correct me if I'm wrong and tell me that I forgot to do some perl
> thing of which I'm unaware.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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