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Re: [ApacheGallery] Fw: modules/gallery/lib/Apache ( Provide our own, perhaps not broken, version of uri_escape

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 01:35:03PM -0500, Paul Vallee wrote:
> 1.72 generates this html for the picture with the accented characters:
>     <a href="/2002_02_14 Nicole TC goodbye party/Nicole et  Hélène.jpg"><img
> alt="Nicole et  Hélène.jpg - "
> src="/2002_02_14%20Nicole%20TC%20goodbye%20party/.cache/100x75%2DNicole%20et
> %20%20H%E9l%E8ne.jpg"></a>

Woups, there was a missing escape on one of the strings, fixed.

> Notice that now none of it is escapes, and as such not only does the link
> 404 but also the thumbnail has a broken image.

My hack with a custom uri_escape didn't work very well so i
removed it agian. It looks like the current escape rule works
with both perl 5.6.0 and perl 5.6.1 - can you check that it
works on 5.6.0?

I have updated the
to latest CVS.



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