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[ApacheGallery] Example of the use of sessionfiles


recently i submitted a patch for adding sessionfiles
to A::G. The submitted patch didn't contain an
useful example for this feature.

My intention is, that at a later stage visitors
can order a hardcopy of selected pictures or download
all selected pictures to their local harddrive.

A good example would be a wedding, where possibly different
poeple want to have different pictures in different sizes.

For this i implemented now a basket.

Entry URL for my implementation is

You can add pictures to the basket. In the basket view
the recommended paper size will be shown.
Prices for pictures will be defined in a file called
.prices in the directories. A::G traverses the directories
up to the document root of the server to find the
correct price for a picture.

Examples of such .prices files:

That means you can set general prices, prices for every single
picture, or unset picture prices.

If there's demand for the patch, i will generate now (or at a later
time) a patch.

Greetings Torsten

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