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Re: [ApacheGallery] Image::IPTC info handling

sorry, not clear where we can see that IPTC info in the example provided?

On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 12:17:42 -0500, Doug Alcorn <[email protected]> wrote:
> One of my key image handling pieces in my photography "workflow" is to
> edit the IPTC information.  This is a standard settled on by the
> News/Press industry for image meta data like author, event title,
> location, people  (contacts), keywords, caption, etc.  This works like
> ID3 inside an MP3 and alongside EXIF.  Here's a patch that allows you
> to access that data from within A::G.  Note that you now need to have
> Image::IPTC installed on the server.  You can see how I make use of
> this at
> Another thing I did was add a global variable GalleryListSep as a
> string to separate list items.  As is, list items in EXIF are just
> joined with " " (and that's the default with this patch).  Since stuff
> like contacts and keywords are also lists, I wanted to join them with
> something nicer.  So, I set my GalleryListSep to ', ' in my
> httpd.conf.
> Here's the patch:
> --
> [email protected]


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