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[ApacheGallery] v282 Undefined subroutine ... dir_config ... line 933

I downloaded Apache-Gallery-r282 and had a few troubles installing... but
eventually worked it out.  I'll just list them out, and you can file them away
in the trashcan or in memory.

1)  Problem: It installed ok, but no images showed.
Solution:  I had 2 versions of Image::Imlib2 installed (often happens when you
upgrade perl).  As root, I did locate, and removed all copies and
reinstalled Image::Imlib2 from cpan.

2)  No images showed still and error message in logs:

Undefined subroutine &Apache::Gallery::dir_config called at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.3/Apache/ line 933.

I changed
 my $quality = dir_config('GalleryQuality');
 my $quality = $r->dir_config('GalleryQuality');

Then it worked.

3)  No tiffs showed... applied tiff patch mentioned in previous messages.

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