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[ApacheGallery] [feature request] Actual caching that lasts through sessions?

I use apache::gallery for a number of very large photos with a large
number of photos per folder.

You can see it in action here:

However, a major issue that comes up is that it's incredibly slow. I
know why it's slow (my photos are 3 megs each). But After a single
person loads the page, the major work has been done, why not keep it?

I think it would be really useful if the caching stayed after a person
views the page.

So my in my ideal world:
I upload the photos to the folders in question
I visit the site
Thumbnails/resizing takes place for each photo that's called on by the
users browser
I leave the site
The next person views the site and it's still there even if it's 10 days
later. This persists through restarts of apache because apache::gallery
actually created the images.

This would mean that I could deep link to photos without them breaking,

I know that I could resize the photos, but I don't want to actually do
that. It would mean that every time that someone went to get the full
sized photos, i would have to email them or upload them. Why bother
doing it twice? Also if I have to resize the photos on my computer, I
don't have the luxury of just uploading photos after I take them, I have
to sort, edit and then upload.

That would greatly reduce the memory foot print (which has caused DOS
issues for me when more than three people view the site at once) but it
also increase the disk space requirements.

I think this should be an option and I am willing to help patch the code
if someone gives me a pointer to the best way to do it. I don't want to
write a patch that won't get put into the mainline.

Unless the option is already there, in which case, please point me to

Thanks in advance.
Jake Appelbaum <[email protected]>

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