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Re: [ApacheGallery] Template problems

On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 11:57:01PM +0200, Daniel Nielsen wrote:
> I'm trying to make my own templates for a gallery.
> My problem is that I'm using a background image set within a CSS ID.
> The image is placed along with the .tpl files.
> I've tried different variations. I've even copied the image to the 
> /icons dir, and give a full url.

What exactly *is* your problem?  If it really is as you write, I'd
suggest not to use a background-image "set within a css id".

> Second of.. I've been browsing around for some ducomentation or help on 
> this topic, but found none.
> Can someone help me?

Documentation on css or on Apache::Gallery templates?

If it's css I'd suggest[1].  If it's Apache::Gallery templates,
I'd suggest reading the templates a couple of times more, and having a
look at the module too.

> current gallery:
> what it should look like:

A link to the template you've been working on, and a static image of
how you'd like it to look would be better.  The example of how you'd
like it to look, seems to me to be made specific for IE ("filter:
alpha..") and I wouldn't know if it looks like it's supposed to in my
Gecko-based browser.


  Thomas Kjær
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