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Re: [ApacheGallery] Still problems with A::G

No error before this except for yesterdays.  This is what an html view
I really doubt that the PNG loader is missing, as it will display the 50x50
PNG (and JPGs), just not the larger images.  Perhaps there is some scaling
portion that I'm missing?

The directory where A::G is storing the thumbnails is writeable and owned
by the apache. And it can display PNG images that don't need to be scaled

I'm thinking that I'm missing some critical portion of the Imlib library,
I've re-installed it, the png & jpg loaders argb, filters.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the responses!

Oh, and this mailing list would probably benefit from setting the
replyto: field to [email protected], as I keep replying directly
to the person rather than the list.  My mistake, but I bet I'm not the
only one.


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