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[ApacheGallery] Shutter Speed: Illegal division by zero

I'm using the ShutterSpeedValue variable in my httpd.conf to enable the printing of the shutter speed with my photos. It mostly works fine, except for photos that I take using the "Extra long" shutter speed on my camera (Canon IXUS 400 aka Canon S400).
It seems that for long shutter speeds, the camera writes the length
differently, and the gallery module is having a divide by zero problem. I
get the following printout on the webpage for one such photo:
Picture Taken: 2004:01:09 15:30:55
Camera: Canon IXY DIGITAL 400
Flash: No (Compulsory) Should be External Flash
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
Aperture: f2.7
Shutter Speed: Illegal division by zero at /usr/share/perl5/Apache/ line 792.
Focal Length: 7mm

Just thought I'd report this to those in the know :-)



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