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[ApacheGallery] apache gallery .6 segfault

I get the first page just fine but when I click on the folder that has images
in it i get the errors below.  Have you guys seen this problem before?  I'm
double checking all my dependencies now, but I'm pretty sure I got it all. 
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Linux 2.4.18-18.7.x #1 Wed Nov 13 20:29:30 EST 2002 i686 unknown

Redhat 7.2
Apache 1.3.27
Perl v5.6.1

[Wed Jul  9 15:34:15 2003] [notice] child pid 3136 exit signal Segmentation
fault (11)

[Wed Jul  9 15:34:15 2003] [error] Undefined subroutine
&Apache::Gallery::handler called.