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[ApacheGallery] Feature request


I'm happy about 0.6 getting released - solved a lot of problems for me :)
I got 3 things I would like to request - if possible get added somewhere in
the todo list :)
1) Ability for users to make comments to each picture (either in text db
else mysql?)
2) Ability to store amount of views of each picture. (This picture has been
viewed xx times)
3) When using the PerlSetVar GallerySizes, the ability to choose a default
would be good.
Currently I have: PerlSetVar   GallerySizes '640 800 1024 1280 1600 320'
The "problem" is that I as default want the pictures to be shown in 640x480
but my visitors should be able to lower it to 320x240. However, placing 320
as the first value this also becomes default. Placing it in the end makes it
look "odd" as they aren't ascending in value.

Best regards Søren Jensen