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[ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery 0.6 released

Hello Apache::Gallery users.

Apache::Gallery 0.6 has now been released. 

0.6 Tue Apr 22 10:24:40 CEST 2003

	- Apache now internally handles image dispatch which enables
	  use of all Apache caching possibilities (Thomas Eibner)
	- Documentation and better implementation of the .folder
	  feature. (Jesper Skriver)
	- Support the EXIF Orientation key for automatic rotate,
	  if your camera supports that - like Canon G3. You can
	  disable this by setting GalleryAutoRotate to 0 (Me)
	- Works with Inline > 0.42 (Andreas Plesner)
	- Show nice icons and allow downloads for doc,mp3,ogg,rtf,wav
	  and wmv in addition to the current movie types (Me)
	- Now displays nice values for Aperture,FocalLength,ShutterSpeed
	  exif values (Thomas Eibner) 
	- Directory comments added (Hans Joergensen)
	- New GallerySortBy option to allow sort by time, size etc (Iain Wade)
	- Set width/height on thumbnail images for better performance (Iain Wade) 



Debian package:

FreeBSD port: