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Re: some ideas/feature requests for multiuser sites


On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 02:25:53PM +0200, KORN Andras wrote:
> There are several ways to approach this problem. You could store all caches
> in subdirectories of a central directory, where the subdirectory names are

Rene Jorgensen sent me a patch for this making Apache::Gallery create
a central cache directory with subdirectories for each virtualhost or
location. The default is /var/tmp/Apache-Gallery but this can be overridden
with PerlSetVar GalleryCacheDir

Please try it out


> - Another nice feature to have would be per-user gallery customization. It's
> possible to override the TemplateDir setting in a .htaccess file, but can
> you override gallery.css? How?

Depends on what you meen with per-user? You can have a gallery.css file in
each virtualhost if that's what you'r thinking about?

> gallery in such a way that all pictures are displayed in their original
> size, and the links, info-box etc. still appear. The user can still download
> the original image by e.g. right-clicking on it.

I agree. Will look into this ...

> - Can galleries have titles (other than the directory name)? How?

Not at the moment. How do you think it should work? Should the text be
next to or under the directory name... or should it be there instead of
the directory name?