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[ApacheGallery] ANNOUNCE: Apache::Gallery 0.4


It has been a while since the last release of Apache::Gallery,
but here is 0.4.

Thanks alot to the people who contributed with patches!

The changes include:

	- Round height and width to integers when scaling to avoid
	  widths like 640x479.393939393939 (Me)
	- Regenerate scaled pictures and thumbnails if the original
	  image has changed, the image.rotate file has been added or
	  changed or if the copyright image was added og changed. (Me)
	- Don't show files starting with "." in the thumbnail index (Yann Kerhervé)
	- Made thumbnailsizes configurable with the GalleryThumbnailSize
	  option. (Me)
	- Print "Unknown" instead of $INFO in the imageinfo field if
	  unable to find any EXIF information. (Me)
	- Added perldoc documentation of the module and a installationguide. (Me)
	- Always list directories before images (Me)
	- Allow textfiles (ie, robots.txt) (Me)
	- Fixed a bug where $FILES was printed instead of "Empty directory"
	  if directory contained unsupported files (.txt, .htaccess etc) (Me)
	- New templates where folders doesn't get displayed one on each line (Thomas Kjaer)
	- Works without a VirtualHost now (Does not use DocumentRoot) (Peter Breton) 
	- New option GalleryWrapNavigation to enable a new feature in the
	  pictureview where "Next" at the end displays the first picture etc
		(Peter Breton/Me)
	- New option AllowOriginal for the user to be able to download the
	  original picture, not enabled by default (Thomas Eibner)
	- TIFF and PPM support (Thomas Eibner)
	- Initial movie support - download movie clips (Rene Joergensen)

Remember to read the UPGRADE document when upgrading from an older

Apache::Gallery 0.4 can be downloaded or
your local CPAN mirror.


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