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[ApacheGallery] Apache-Gallery-0.3.1 make bails


I installed the re-reqs listed in the README file of Apache-Gallery
0.3.1, then as per instructions:

 $ perl Makefile.PL 
 Checking if your kit is complete...
 Looks good
 Writing Makefile for Apache::Gallery

 $ make
 mkdir blib
 mkdir blib/lib
 mkdir blib/lib/Apache
 cp lib/Apache/ blib/lib/Apache/
 mkdir blib/arch
 mkdir blib/arch/auto
 mkdir blib/arch/auto/Apache
 mkdir blib/arch/auto/Apache/Gallery
 mkdir blib/lib/auto/Apache
 mkdir blib/lib/auto/Apache/Gallery
 mkdir blib/man3
 Manifying blib/man3/Apache::Gallery.3
 /usr/bin/pod2man: lib/Apache/ is missing required section:

It looks like something is missing.



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