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Re: [ApacheGallery] ExifData

Well, if you are looking for the ISO Speed rating, you can try ISO =>
ISOSpeedRatings .  That's where it is for Olympus, Fuji, and a few others.
If you are using a specific camera, and can give me a sample image, I can
play around for you :)

use Image::Info qw(image_info);

        my $info = image_info("test.jpg");
        if (my $error = $info->{error}) {
            die "Can't parse image info: $error\n";

        print join "\r\n",keys %$info;

This perl script, run in a dir with test.jpg will dump all the keys in the
image.  To use them in Apache::Gallery, just add your normal

ICallIt => FieldName

to the GalleryInfo line in httpd.conf.

Hope it helps, and lemme know if you need more.
> What I have found is that the ISO settings are in manufactor specific
> data sections of the exif info, Image::Info doesn't handle the specific
> extensions. So I've been trying to look into substituting it with
> something like libexif that handles these extensions.

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