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[ApacheGallery] Some comments


Sorry for writing in Danish in my previous post :-)

I think a good feature would be to have the ability to define a
site-description or a site-title.

The site-title should appear in <title>...</title> to show the name of
the site. Eg. "MySite - Index of: ". The title should also be used on
the top of the generated page (at least the frontpage). 

The description should appear below the title on the frontpage to have a
little introduction text to the gallery. For example I would like to
write how people can send in pictures to me, or just a description
mentioning where the specific pictures are from, etc.

And a last thing; The bottom note "Index by Apache::Gallery" should have
an added version number.. :-) In my opinion anyway.

  - Morten.

Morten Brix Pedersen                                     [email protected]

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