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Re: [ApacheGallery] Problem with a freshly installed apache::gallery

On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 01:21:56PM -0500, Paul Vallee wrote:
> Some more modest problems, thanks for all of your help thus far. Excellent,
> fun software! :-)
> I have installed version 4.
> 1) My root site,, isn't as nice as
> Thomas Kjaer's at His folders are in a nice white box
> and mine are not. Does anyone know why this is before I delve into the
> fearsome template? :-)

Try stealing his CSS ;-) I'm sure Thomas would supply both CSS and
templates if we ask him nicely.

> 2) (new in version 4) On all photos, for instance on
> 0and%20Jenn/101-0168_IMG.JPG, I have Prev and Next thumbnails for
> navigation. This is great, however, I don't understand why I always see
> "101%" after the word "Prev" or "Next". Any ideas?

Nice pictures. Be sure to test out the rotate feature for some of your
pictures :-) The reason for the Next link being 101%2D0169_IMG.JPG
is that your picture is called 101-168_IMG.JPG and that the '-' gets
escaped to be %2D. 

Legart: maybe we need to change the escaping procedure so it doesn't
escape -'s

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